"Mark Zuckerberg is no longer the coolest kid in school, sitting in the back of the classroom with his hoodie on. Last year, the Facebook CEO cum Michael Cera lookalike told investors that “coolness is done for us.” Teens are leaving Facebook in droves for new friends like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter — at an estimated rate of up to a million a year."

Well, no surprises here. There's a lot of hysteria over this and probably a great many marketing people wondering how on earth to create a Snapchat strategy.

My advice, don't panic!

Look at your business, look at your market and go where they go. Facebook is still the largest social network in the world - and the fact that it's being used actively by 25+ educated people with money, ain't a bad thing. Focus on the real issues at hand, like how to make your content resonate and your ads hit their targets on whichever platform(s) are right for your market.